Although high street/high end fashion collaborations are always an interesting endeavour, rarely do I get genuinely excited about the launch. Tomorrow is the day that KENZO’s collaboration with H&M drops. KENZO is a Parisian luxury fashion brand that combines streetwear with the vibrancy of the natural world and the different cultures it brings with it. Despite a general lack of enthusiasm for streetwear, something about … Continue reading KENZO X H&M

Five Designers Making Sustainability Fashionable

What is fashion really about? A fast paced turn-over of low quality, low price, wear it once garments or cherishing the luxury products made to last? Undeniably in the last few decades the latter has drifted out of the picture allowing disposable fashion to create and feed a constant hunger for the next big thing. However, a number of contemporary designers are bringing our grandparents … Continue reading Five Designers Making Sustainability Fashionable

‘Undressed’ at the V&A

An exhibition that, unfortunately, left me a little deflated. First of all, the problem of where to start. Literally, where to start. The exhibition appeared to be loosely organised in categories but the lack of chronological ordering and an obvious starting point made me somewhat uncomfortable and confused. It left me with the niggling feeling that I’d paid for an exhibition that I (looked at … Continue reading ‘Undressed’ at the V&A

Why nineties fashion is still hip

2016 has been the year of the nineties revival. However, there’s a very delicate art in reviving the good and avoiding the ugly from a decade whose fashion influences range from Victoria Beckham to Courtney Love. With charity shops and dishevelled hair becoming fashionable again, it’s the slightly less shiny of these two nineties icons whose style seems to have stuck. However, this revival has … Continue reading Why nineties fashion is still hip

A Sustainable Future for Fashion

‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.’ Vivienne Westwood; proving that sustainability can be punk. So why does fashion refuse to listen today? In the last few decades fashion has become a means of quickly emulating catwalk trends which are only disposed of when the next season rears its head. Instead of cherishing the well designed and well made, the public demand cheap and cheerful … Continue reading A Sustainable Future for Fashion

Underwear as Outerwear

It’s no secret that underwear as outerwear has had various moments in the sun throughout the last 50 odd years. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that as bra’s have become less conical, underwear has become less extroverted. However, with the vintage fad of 2016, what most would previously view as 1930’s granny panties have returned, not as conservative bedtime slips, but as slightly risqué dresses. Being … Continue reading Underwear as Outerwear