Why nineties fashion is still hip

2016 has been the year of the nineties revival.

However, there’s a very delicate art in reviving the good and avoiding the ugly from a decade whose fashion influences range from Victoria Beckham to Courtney Love.

With charity shops and dishevelled hair becoming fashionable again, it’s the slightly less shiny of these two nineties icons whose style seems to have stuck. However, this revival has involved more than a pair of beaten up Doc Martins.

The Slip Dress

As discussed in my underwear as outerwear post, our granny’s nighty has become a wardrobe staple this year. Made cool (and translucent) by Kate Moss in 1993.


Go to charity shop, layer up as much as you can find and call it ‘eclectic’.


Something that doesn’t seem to be ceasing as we move into 2017 with designers such as Alberta Ferretti using some pretty heavy velvet in their latest pieces. And of course, velvet tied in wonderfully with another classic nineties trend, the choker.

Mom jeans

Or as my friends gleefully called them when I purchased an enormously too big second hand pair; ‘man jeans’. Yes worn wrong they can be a monstrosity but when they’re worn right, boy are they worn right.


Hair accessories I used to make and sell to school friends about three years ago. I was so ahead of my time.

So, do I like nineties fashion? Yes. Is it here to stay? Probably not. With punk clearly outdoing grunge in terms of the upcoming season we can either wave goodbye to chokers, mom jeans and dishevelled t-shirts or put our faith in charity shops. My vote goes to the latter, I’m certainly not ready to give up my ‘man jeans’ yet.



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