Underwear as Outerwear

It’s no secret that underwear as outerwear has had various moments in the sun throughout the last 50 odd years. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that as bra’s have become less conical, underwear has become less extroverted.

However, with the vintage fad of 2016, what most would previously view as 1930’s granny panties have returned, not as conservative bedtime slips, but as slightly risqué dresses.

Being named 2016’s key piece, the high street has been awash with camisoles, slips and robes this season. After all, you only had to glance at a copy of Vogue to see that the Spring/Summer lines were overrun with chiffon, silk and lace on the turn of 2016, with even slightly more off beat designers such as Alberta Ferretti jumping on the band wagon.

However, as we progress into autumn, these skimpy slips aren’t being shoved to the back of the wardrobe. As perfect pieces for layering, their vintage look is being further emphasised, this time with a 90’s twist by being worn over a white t-shirt or polo neck. By layering with a leather jacket and a pair of Doc Martins a slightly grungy look can also be achieved. This creates a lovely contrast with the undeniably feminine piece that started it all off and perhaps allows it to make its way into the punk inspired pieces seen in in many Autumn/Winter collections this year, cementing it firmly in our wardrobes for another season.


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